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Using a Will Kit

Let’s not beat around the bush. It is better to have a simple Will, rather than nothing at all. The problem with Will Kits is that they aren’t in a position to ask you about your individual circumstances that might warrant the use of a more tailored Will.
With that in mind, I’m happy to provide resources specifically for those who want to use a Will kit. If you’re about to go overseas, just get something down before you go!

There are many circumstances when a Will kit can cover the basics for you. But please consider the advantages and disadvantages before you use any Will Kits provided on this website or elsewhere. Sometimes you may not have considered your whole situation.
You may need advice that is tailored to your financial situation, and your family circumstances and you may want to talk through your particular wishes with an advisor. A solicitor can advise you on the current legislation to ensure that your Will is valid and discuss with you ways to plan the distribution of your estate to minimise taxation and the chances of disputes.