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I want to provide you with as many free resources as possible, so that you don’t need to trawl the Internet and get conflicting & confusing advice.

I intend to be the pre-eminent professional expert in this field and I want you to benefit. I believe no person should go exposed without a Will, nor suffer with Probate issues at such an emotional time.

This page will continually be updated as more information is digested and made concise for you. Please check in regularly or subscribe here for update notifications.

Some Helpful Links:

Child Support Agency

The Child Support Agency is designed to support separated parents to transfer money for the benefit of their children.


Landgate deals with the lodgment of documentation relating to the purchase and sale of land, including mortgages, transfers, caveats and easements.

Relationships Australia

A community based organisation which provides relationship support in the form of counselling, education programs and primary dispute resolution.

Family Court of Western Australia

The Family Court of WA is where most family disputes are heard with regard to both children and property matters. The website contains many helpful information sheets. There is also a very helpful list of kits, forms, and brochures at:

District Court

The Court deals with serious criminal offences with a maximum penalty of 20 years imprisonment (for example, serious assaults, sexual assaults, serious fraud and commercial theft, burglary and drug offences).
The Court also deals with civil claims of up to $750,000. It has unlimited jurisdiction in claims for damages for personal injuries and it has exclusive jurisdiction in regard to claims for damages for injury sustained in motor vehicle accidents.

Legal Aid

Legal Aid is an independent statutory body set up by the Legal Aid Commission Act 1975. The legal aid scheme provides aid for people in legal disputes either by providing legal services, information or funds to employ lawyers, depending on a person’s circumstances.

Magistrates Court

The Magistrates Court has multiple registries located around the State to deal with criminal offence based matters and more serious indictable offences which begin in the Magistrates Court before being transferred to other courts.
The Magistrates Court also hears civil claims for debt or damages and non-offence based matters (for example extraordinary drivers licence applications, residential tenancy matters and retraining orders).

Fair Work Australia

Fair Work Australia is the national workplace relations tribunal. It is an independent body with power to carry out a range of functions relations to the safety net of minimum wages and employment conditions, enterprise bargaining, industrial action, dispute resolution, termination of employment and other workplace matters.

Supreme Court

The Supreme Court is the State’s highest court, with responsibility for both criminal and civil matters. It deals with very serious criminal charges, such as murder, armed robbery and serious breaches of Commonwealth drug enforcement laws. Generally, it hears civil cases where the amount involved in the dispute is more than $750,000. The Supreme Court website also contains information with regard to Probate.

Western Australian Industrial Relations Commission

Online copies of awards are available. Information on unfair dismissal. Information on employer/employee agreements.

WorkSafe Western Australia

Occupational health and safety, and workplace safety issues.